I'm Alex, and I can build your Web. Меня зовут Александр, и я могу построить ваш Web.
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Many features, views, and adaptation for different devices
Joomla! plugin for booking service
Trinity House Institute
"Annual report" - Wordpress theme with parallax effect
Landing page
Light script for "Matrix"-like animation
Javascript/Canvas, animated intro and site menu for landing page
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[it's a quite bit outdated :) I will update it later]

I am russian web developer from south Siberia, years old. I studied at Biysk Univercity and got diploma with honors. In 2007 I began work as system administrator in IT startup, which mainly was working with billing and payment services, and some another services in IT sphere. In 2008 I started and successfully completed my first project on web - official site for our company. I was containing many pages and several services, including RestAPI and SQL database. Since that moment I had a lot of works on web. In 2011 I was promoted to head of IT department. Also in that period I had written several articles on Habr.com - most respectable IT resource in russian IT Community.

As my usual work didn't bring enough pleasure, because of no new interesting projects, in 2013 I started to work as a freelancer on odesk.com (now it calls upwork.com) in my free time. You can take a look at my profile. There I had met very good team from Italy (Ciao Fabio, Luca, Marco, Renzo, tutti ragazzi! ;), and many of my works later were done with them. In 2015 I left previous company and became full-time the member of this team. At the moment we have one big project - Marketwall.com, and also several private projects for different clients.

What I can and know? HTML, CSS, Javascript, SVG, Canvas, PHP, SQL, SmartTV JS Apps (Samsung/Netrange/Alliance), Android Apps (Java, not perfect, but enough for simple applications), have experience with Wordpress sites, themes and plugins, Joomla! sites and plugins. Last years worked mostly on frontend, data visualisation, visual effects and animations. And mostly in React.js. Here listed not all the stack I worked with, so you are free to ask me for skill you are interested in.

The thing I like more than others is visualisation on front-end: animations, charts, interactive graphics, based on Canvas, SVG, or CSS.

If you still have questions, you can ask me a little lower on the page. I will be glad to talk!

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